Treatment of warts

Warts are benign skin hyperplasias that look like colorless moles.  Warts appear in the upper layers of the skin due to a virus belonging to the family of human papillomaviruses (HPV). This family of viruses includes over 150 strains. Some of these viruses cause warts and others genital warts.

The virus causes a rapid proliferation of skin cells, resulting in lumps that are more annoying than dangerous, however, they are highly contagious.

The virus that causes the wart is transmitted by contact and affects solely humans; it cannot be transmitted to animals. Wart is transmitted by direct skin contact or by touching wet surfaces, such as swimming pools and changing rooms, which have been infected by people who already have warts. Children and adolescents are more likely to become infected because they have not (yet) developed antibodies against the virus and are more likely to come into contact with people suffering from warts. Warts usually appear on the hands and feet, but they may also develop in other parts of the body such as the face.


Although it is a benign condition, warts cause concern to patients as they may be accompanied by severe pain, itching or bleeding, and if found on the feet, they can make walking difficult.


Depending on the type and the location of the warts, they can be treated with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), electrocautery, surgical resection and with the use of topical chemical agents. In any case, our dermatologist will explain the method and will answer all of your questions.

A. As the virus is extremely contagious, hygiene conditions must be observed, i.e. good and frequent hand washing and use of personal towels and utensils. It is also advisable to avoid walking barefoot in the sand and around swimming pools. If you detect warts on your skin, immediate and rapid treatment is required to prevent further spreading of the virus.

A. Treatment of warts in children should be performed with special care by a specialized dermatologist because of their sensitive skin. At LP Clinic we have extensive experience in the treatment of warts in children of all ages.

A. It depends on the form of the treatment, the location and the size of the wart. Our expert dermatologist will give you instructions for your immediate return to your daily routine.