Blotches are light brown spots that may appear on the face, usually on the forehead, upper lip and cheekbones. This is a very common skin lesion due to a melanocytic dysfunction, resulting in an increase in melanin production. Their appearance may be due to hereditary or genetic factors, but they may also appear suddenly after a hormonal disorder, to the administration or topical application of drugs that increase skin sensitivity as well as during pregnancy.


Blotches present predominantly in women and fair-skinned people.  They have no symptoms, but their treatment is desirable mainly for aesthetic reasons.


Our dermatologist will suggest the right treatment for you after taking a short medical history and establishing the cause of blotch occurrence. The main treatment methods are cryotherapy, dermabrasion with microcrystals, chemical peeling and topical application of bleaching agents.

Α. Prevention is difficult because it essentially involves no sun exposure. When exposure to the sun can not be avoided, it is necessary to use a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen products with high SPF and natural filters.

Α. During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, a woman may develop blotches due to elevated levels of estrogen, progesterone and melaninotropic hormone. These blotches are also called chloasma.

Α. Blotch treatment should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding as hormone levels are such that they can aggravate existing blotches, and new ones may not occur.