Hyperhidrosis is the condition in which we sweat more than is needed to meet the body’s physiological needs for thermoregulation.
When excessive sweating affects the hands, the feet and the armpits, it is called primary or focal hyperhidrosis. In most cases of hyperhidrosis, this is not due to some specific cause. If sweating occurs as a result of another medical condition, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis. Sweating can occur throughout the body, or in a specific area.


The easiest, most effective and safest solution for focal hyperhidrosis is the injection of type A botulinum exotoxin into the problem area. The drug prevents the glands from excessive sweating without affecting their normal sweat generation thus offering relief.

Α.  A few days after the infusion, excessive sweating stops and results last for about 6-12 months, or even longer for some people.

Α. When the action of Botox is over, the procedure can be repeated. Treatment can be performed according to patient’s needs.

Α. This treatment is injectable. To prevent pain, we apply an anesthetic ointment on the infusion site. You can return to work or your daily activities immediately after treatment.