Facial mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and a 55 + 1 nutrient cocktail for the skin containing: 14 Vitamins, 24 Amino Acids, 4 Trace Elements, 6 Coenzymes, 5 Nucleic Acids, 2 Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid.
This cocktail is a complete treatment with a small filling part that ensures fine line reduction, firmness, elasticity, deep hydration and shine.
Hyaluronic acid is a substance with high hygroscopic effects. It binds large amounts of water through the formation of hydrogen and water bonds + effecting on cell proliferation and angiogenesis. Hyaluronic acid is an essential element for maintaining balance between viscosity and elasticity between the epidermis and the skin.


Addressing the causes of aging and maintaining the end results.


Treatment is applied on the face, neck, cleavage and top of the hands. It is suitable for all skin types.
The pack is a complete mesotherapy kit for five sessions with five single-use 3ml vials. There is a treatment protocol of 3 or 6 months with one application per month and a maintenance session per semester.

Α. In mesotherapy we use ultra fine needles, which are introduced into the treatment site using a special applicator. Therefore, there is no isolated pain but a general feeling. We use a topical anesthetic cream to reduce this feeling.

Α. Yes, you can immediately return to your everyday life. Perhaps, the only inconvenience will be a redness at the site of application that resolves immediately.