Expression Wrinkles Softening- Botox

Forefront wrinkles and crow’s feet are softened ‘with BOTOX’, a trade name known to all, whose active ingredient, is botulinum toxin type A.
As time goes by, facial expressions like laughter or crying and sunlight create wrinkles that gradually become deeper and permanent. This injectable treatment relaxes the contraction of the muscles thus making the face look more refreshed, shiny and youthful.


The effect of Botox depends solely on the infusion technique and the Dermatologist’s esthetic judgement. For this reason at  LP Clinic, , we will discuss together the results you wish to obtain and we will point out where we will have to intervene to achieve them.

Botox is injected locally into the muscles we intend to relax. The needles used are very fine and this makes the entire procedure minimally painful. For psychological reasons, however, we recommend the application of a local anesthetic cream. The main areas of the face where Botox can be applied are the forehead (forehead and frown wrinkles), the area around the eyes (crow’s feet), the upper lip (smokers’ lines) and marionette lines. The result becomes visible 4 days following application and the final assessment takes place 2 weeks after, so a second application may follow to correct potential imperfections.

Α. There is no specific age to start using it. When there are wrinkles on the face that tend to become permanent and your doctor thinks that they can be eliminated with Botox, then it should be applied.

Α.You can immediately return to your everyday life after treatment. You should only be careful not to apply intense heat at the injection sites as is the case when you rub your face, use a sauna or hair dryer or have a hot bath.

Α. If you are allergic to botulinum neurotoxin or to protein-containing medicines, if you suffer from a neurological disease or if there is active infection or inflammation at the site of treatment. Also if you have recently had face surgery or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Α. Results last for 3-6 months. However, with the long-term use of Botox, your face will not have the same wrinkles as before.