Micropigmentation (MPG) or Tattooing

Ancient Indians used to call their tattoos “Godna”. They used them to look different from other tribes, but also to declare the cast to which the person bearing them belonged. In India, henna temporary tattoos were used during religious ceremonies and weddings during the same period.
Today, another reason for performing semi-permanent stains of the skin is to cover areas of high contrast between the color of the skin and the hairs so that it does not “glow” in the presence of several gaps due to the absence of hair. We also use it to visually “densify”spots of the donor area after multiple removal of hair follicles during transplantation. There we make 4-5 mm lines that look like small hairs.

We also use it to darken or cover scars that have been created after the Transplant Strip process.

It can be performed both on the scalp, the eyebrows and the beard.
The colors are special hypoallergenic stains and their duration varies according to our sun exposure.
The procedure is performed by experienced staff and not by a doctor.

A: From 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the extent.

Α: No, absolutely no side effects.

A: The cost is the same as for hair transplantation

Α:Yes, for some spots that will be missed out due to the dye. The cost of the repeat session, as we call it, is 50 €, the same for a simple visit..

A: Yes. Our goal is match your skin color as much as possible.