Beard transplantation

The new fashion trend of fashion has put this specific aesthetic surgery in the spotlight. It is a quite time-consuming procedure because it requires many single hair follicles that may have to be prepared by two nurses at the same time.


Congenital thin hair or lack of hair growth due to endodermal cysts.


Transplantation / implantation of hair follicles is considered the most appropriate method.  The areas that can be transplanted / implanted include the beard area (chin), the mustache, the cheeks, the sideburns and a combination of areas.

The extraction is again performed from the stable hair growth of the scalp,in the same way as hair transplantation. The site usually requires several grafts and often 2 operative sessions, depending on the desired density and coverage areas. Placement is performed with an 0.8 mm implanter, leaves no signs, and has extremely rapid healing and recovery time.

A: Results are absolutely natural and permanent.

Α: Since healing is faster than in other areas, you can return to your daily routines in 7-10 days.

A: Cost is the same as for hair transplantation.