Eyebrow transplantation

It is extremely difficult microsurgical operation that requires a lot of experience, precision, design perception and thorough knowledge of eyebrow anatomy. It is considered a “specialization” and you should not entrust it to a facility that performs hair transplantation but which has no knowledge or experience in this area.
Not all patients are suitable for this kind of treatment.
Candidates should be selected and diagnosed very carefully, and provided with detailed information.
The extraction process is the same but it specifically targets follicles (mostly single).
Very often we choose the method of uncut hair from the temporal, lateral areas to collect hair of a smaller diameter.
Placement is performed with a 0.8mm Implanter without creating reception holes and at an angle almost in contact with the skin


It is indicated in cases of total absence, in areas of trauma with partial loss of eyebrows, for densification due to previous thinning. Also, there can be redesigning due to the non growth of some hairs in the contour as well as some filling in the ends of the brow due to aging.


There is a pharmaceutical treatment with a formulation that is applied on the affected area with inconclusive results each time.
The transplantation of hair follicles is the treatment that achieves excellent results.

A: Yes, because they grow like normal hair.

Α: Yes, because natural density is usually achieved with a second transplantation.

Α: No, because of local anesthesia.

Α: Yes, however, results depend largely on the quality of the hair being implanted.

Α: Cost is the same as for hair transplantation.

Α: In 7-10 days. Large glasses may be used for coverage.

Α: 200-250 can be implanted in a single eye brow.