Each doctor has developed a personal method and technique in hair transplant that is different and therefore unique. What most people know is the FUE method of extracting individual hair follicles using a punch. However, that is just the first part of the surgery. 

However, that is just the first part of the surgery. While the implantation of these hair follicles, that takes place during the second part of the surgery, is actually of the almost importance for the most anticipated, perfectly natural results. 

I was the first doctor to apply and develop this method back in 2009 teaching and sharing it since, to other fellow physicians. 

My technique is named FUE + ID ( Implantation Direct) 

FUE / electric punch

Using a cutting edge technology instrument, with a custom made punch, improves the extraction both in quality and quantity.

Extracting 2000 grafts within 3 hours with a high average of hairs per graft, is now a fact. 

Implantation + ID with Implanter


Implanting the grafts one by one directly, using only the implanter without creating holes, without forceps is a technique used by just a few doctors, as it is extremely hard to perform and it ensure :

  1. better direction and angle of hair growth
  2. no scar tissue post operation
  3. no bleeding, no pain post operation
  4. no traumatic shock loss of the existing hair follicles
  5. less or no swelling, fast healing and recuperation